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Why A Daily Ritual Is The Secret To Success

Why A Daily Ritual Is The Secret To Success

Have you ever returned from a weekend away and felt absolutely renewed, refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws your way? What about that motivational workshop you attended where you felt hyped and excited about your life and goals? Or maybe it was the incredible yoga class that left you feeling completely zen. How long were you able to keep that feeling with you after one of those experiences? For most people, the feeling dissipates a few days after the experience and they are left wondering why and where did it go? There’s a powerful little secret I’m going to share with you and this is the secret of your daily ritual.

What’s a daily ritual? A daily ritual is a personal series of actions you commit to doing on a daily basis to renew and refresh your mind, and keep you motivated and in alignment with yourself and your goals. Life is a series of small events that, over time, accumulate to make large transformations. Once you commit to yourself in this way, it becomes much easier to accomplish your dreams and goals, as well as to take good care of your mental and emotional health. Mindset is everything and by incorporating a daily ritual, you begin to change your mind and re-wire yourself for success.

Here are 4 easy steps to get you started and committed to your daily ritual!

Step #1: Choose a time that you can commit to daily. For most people this time is usually in the morning before you start with the events of your day. Wake up at least 30 minutes earlier for your ritual. Once you have chosen your daily time, make a personal promise that you will commit to your time no matter what. This needs to be a non-negotiable.

Step #2: Set an intention for your day. I like to light a candle and say a prayer with my intention. You can do this through a prayer or just by tuning into the feelings you would like to feel. Repeat your intention to yourself 3 times.

Step #3: Meditate. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or have never meditated before, meditation is a key to personal success. There are various meditation styles you can practice from guided meditations (try the Insight Timer app), to watching your breath, to visualization, to repeating a mantra. Choose one that resonates with you!

Step #4: Practice Gratitude. Buy a beautiful journal that will be used solely for recording everything for which you are grateful, or if journaling isn’t your thing, get The 5 Minute Journal to record what you are grateful for every morning and every evening before bed. This simple practice is absolutely life-changing. It shifts how you perceive your life and brings further blessings into your life.

Try these 4 simple steps on a daily for at least 21 days (the amount of time it takes to create a new habit.) You will begin to feel happier, more at peace, more productive throughout your day and over time, you will realize that these small daily practices hold immense life-transforming abilities! Today, commit to yourself! Promise yourself that no matter what, you will “do you” every day and notice what shifts!

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