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Year End Reflection

We’ve all heard the expression let it go and, for most, this is something that is easier said than done. Another expression that is easier to work with rather than let it go is the expression let it be. Let it be activates the law of allowing. When we can allow things to just be, we are much more able to accept what we cannot change, change what we do have control over, and learn valuable life lessons such as forgiveness and kindness in the process.

As this year comes to a close, take some time to reflect on what you still may be holding onto that is holding you back or keeping you in blame, anger, judgment or resentment.

Take out a journal and work through these exercises in order to let go and let be, and essentially, wipe your emotional slate clean in order to welcome in the new year and new decade!

Something that is still bothering me that happened this year is _______________________.

I choose to forgive ____________________________ for ____________________________.

I choose to forgive because I want to release feelings of _____________________________.

I choose to allow __________________ to be what it is because I understand I cannot change this.

I do have control and I can choose my actions and how I feel. I will choose to ___________ (choose actions that help you feel good that you have control over) and I choose to feel ____________.

A valuable life lesson I have learned this year through this experience is ___________________.

I feel grateful for this life lesson because ____________________________________________.

As you work through these exercises remember to be loving and compassionate with yourself. You are a work in progress. You are getting better every day! Sometimes we must experience pain in order to find the lesson and the growth. Learn to find the blessings in the hardships. By doing this type of inner work, although it may be challenging, you are raising your vibration and preparing your inner landscape to birth new goals and creations for the upcoming year!

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