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Work With Me



I offer private sessions and group sessions for anyone interested in receiving support in your life in any area connected with your passion.  I believe we are all meant to do what we love but sometimes, we get caught up in the busyness of life.  If you're feeling like you want to uncover who you really are and do what you really love, consider coaching with me! I will guide and support you into uncovering what is lying dormant within your soul which will allow you to come alive!  Transformational and Spiritual Life Coaching can assist you in the areas of relationships, career, family, spirituality and overall well-being.

Some questions we will explore together are:


Do I set clear goals and intentions for my life?
Do I have an action plan to help me reach my life's goals?
Do I live my best life with clarity, purpose and integrity to myself?


Why do I feel stuck in my life and how can I get unstuck?


How can I find time to do what I love?


How can I accept myself for who I really am?


How can I connect to my higher self and receive divine guidance?


Not sure if coaching is for you?  Book your free 30 minute phone consultation with me to decide. 


Absolutely no obligation to sign up!

"The intention behind what you do or say is far more important than the action or word itself."
- Martha


Your support and guidance, your patience and understanding were all factors that helped make my decision become a reality.  If it wasn't for you and your encouragement, I think I would be in the same place I was 4 months ago. Thank you again. Hope to see you soon.

~ Anna, Toronto, ON


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