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Martha Eleftheriou Women's Soul Life Coach and Mentor, Reiki Master, Quantum Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher in Ontario
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Meet Martha

Eternal soul searcher, wife, mother of two beautiful daughters,

a certified elementary school teacher (OCT), a Women's Soul Life Coach and Mentor, Reiki Master, Quantum Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher (RYT).

I believe we can only be fulfilled when we are connected to our purpose and living our life based on our own terms and not anyone else's.

I love life and strive to live a life with passion, fulfillment and love! I question, ask, learn, un-learn, re-learn and live my life as true to my core values of love, compassion, honesty, and service as I possibly can. My focus is to inspire others into living a life they truly love by tapping into their full potential and uncovering what they're truly passionate about

Martha Eleftheriou Reiki Master and Quantum Energy Healer
Gratitude is the key to abundance

My life really took a turn inward several years ago after I had my first daughter.

I felt so blessed to have become a mother, and yet, I felt something was missing in my life. I decided to follow one of my passions (yoga) and to take yoga teacher training. This was really the beginning of my journey inward. What I discovered, or better, re-discovered, during that invaluable training was that my relationship to my own “self” and my spirit was of utmost importance for my happiness and fulfillment. Since that discovery, I have been on a mission to bring this awareness to as many people as possible. I believe we can only truly live the life of our dreams when we are connected to who and what we really are! When we have this personal connection, we become transformed human beings. We are able to live our lives true to our own values and we are able to courageously call forth our dreams into being.

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Martha Eleftheriou Yoga Teacher in the Greater Toronto Area

After yoga teacher training, I continued to take as many courses in the healing arts as I could, and my journey brought me to energy healing through Reiki.

During Reiki training, I learned about energy and I came to understand that everything, including our intentions and our thoughts, is energy. What we think ultimately becomes who and what we are.

This understanding was so empowering for me.

  • I realized that I am the author of my own life

  • I realized that I have all the power I need to transform my life into anything I want it to be

Martha Eleftheriou - Women's Life and Soul Coach

My journey next brought me to Life Coaching.

I wanted to learn how to share what I learned and help other people transform their lives into their “dream” life. 


Since then, I have worked with hundreds of people of all ages teaching and sharing what I know to be true - that we are miraculous beings of love energy and that we can access the power of ourselves through understanding and applying universal spiritual principles.

Martha Eleftheriou | Reiki Master Toronto
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Life is not always easy.

I go through setbacks and feel like I’ve failed many times, but then I remember who and what I really am and I’m able to get myself back on track in the direction of my life’s purpose.  


You see, life is not about being perfect or having everything run smoothly at all times, but rather, it’s about learning how to navigate the rough waters of humanity with humility, grace and ease.


I look forward to working with you and assisting you in finding the treasured jewel of your heart - your “self”.

With all my love,

Martha xo

Martha you definitely are a HERO! I am honoured to witness you live your life with inspired purpose - always focusing on LOVE, always striving to do your best in love and kindness. You heal, inspire, and bring love to everyone in your presence. 

- Angela, Maple, ON

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Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Education

York University 



Masters of Arts

York University


August 2007

Seduction of Spirit: Chopra Center

Meditation and Yoga Retreat


August 2009

Weekend Within: Chopra Center

Personal Exploration of Meditation



Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour

Blue Door Yoga Room


March 2012

Oprah's Life Class



Pre/Post Natal Yoga Course

Esther Myers Yoga Studio



Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Master Course

Certification Programs with Tara Antler

August 2013

Journey Into Healing: Chopra Center

Healing through yoga, meditation, and mind-body healing with a focus on Ayurveda



Ignite Life Coaching to Mentoring

Certification Program with Tara Antler

September 2014

Oprah's The Life YOU Want Tour


April - June 2015

Dream Builder Program

Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute

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Through the Years


Martha Eleftheriou |  Women's Life and Wellness Coaching

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