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RISE Into Their Greatness

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Beautiful woman! I see you struggling and sometimes asking the question "Is this all there is?", or maybe you find yourself asking "I have everything I've always wanted, then why do I feel so empty?"

Then along with these questions comes the guilt! You feel guilty for wondering about these things and you hear things like "You should be grateful for everything you have and not yearn for more", OR "You're being selfish!"





I get it, because I was there too!

After the birth of my first daughter, I went through a transformation in almost all areas of my life!

I finally had everything I had ever wanted, and yet, I felt as if I was missing something. I felt alone and I felt like nobody really understood me. I felt guilty and wrong for feeling this way and I really wanted to feel Joyful, Grateful, and fully at Peace with myself and my Life. After years of searching, I finally found what I was missing. I can summarize what I discovered into TWO main points.


The first was myself! I had lost sight of who I was, my dreams and longings, my passion and my truth.


The second was my spiritual connection to my divine self and to the universe/source/God. 

Then through years of self-enquiry and the healing process, I found myself and re-established my divine connection, and you can too!

In working with Martha, I feel I have gained more confidence in who I am and have learned to not take other people's behavior personally. Martha also helped me gain tools in self love and understanding the law of attraction and how these tools enhanced my life.

Teresa Catenaro-Gerolin, Mississauga, ON

​ Martha, thank you being such an inspirational coach and mentor! Your Life By Design Program helped me at a time when I felt stuck. With your weekly guidance and wisdom, I was able to overcome my obstacles.  Your program helped me uncover the freedom and peace available in transforming my life to one of my own design and based on what is important to me.

Irene Rizzo, Richmond Hill, ON

Dearest Martha, With your guidance, support and sincerest compassion, I was able to shift my mindset from living in a world of lack, to living in a world of abundance. My focus has changed, and with it, everything I have ever wanted has manifested into reality. Although not all days are the same, I now have the tools and understand how to bring myself back to focus on what is truly important and what my true happiness is. Thank you from my whole heart! You have changed my life- you are my forever teacher, friend, and angel. 

Nicoletta Bisoukis Millis, King City, ON

If my story hit home for you, or you are reading this and feeling:

You feel like you are stuck in the same cycles over and over again and want to get off the hamster wheel and feel excited about life again!

Like something is missing in your life, but you just don't know what

Your energy levels (and emotions) are up & down like a rollercoaster and you would love to feel more balanced

Your mind goes to the worst case scenario and you worry about everything

You are reactive to your loved ones because you feel burnt out and exhausted

Then you are in the right place...

Just Imagine 

Feeling whole and fulfilled with your life exactly how it is (and the energy to strive for your goals from a place of wholeness and gratitude).

Waking up and feeling excited to start your day (because you are living your dream life).

Feeling at peace and at ease with yourself, your life, your past and your future.

Looking at the person in the mirror and feeling so proud of her.

Imagine having the energy and enthusiasm to take on the day with more flow and grace. 

I want to let you know this is all 100% doable for you!

I know this because I've been there and I've learned the methods and the specific tools that have helped me to liberate myself and live my life with purpose, joy, gratitude and abundance!

And I want to share these life-changing methods with you, because you deserve to feel happy my love. 

What took me years to discover, I can show you in a few months!

Rise Into Your Greatness

For the soul-led woman who's ready for more!

More Clarity!

More Authentic connections!

More Passion!

More Gratitude!

More Peace!

More Love!

More Alignment!

More Joy!

More Flow!

More Laughter!

More Ease & Grace!

And more Fulfilment in all areas of your life!

Words cannot describe how incredibly amazing Martha is! I have been coaching with her for the past couple of years and she has completely changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world. Her energy is contagious and her aura is one like no other. Aside from being an excellent listener, she is empathetic, compassionate, trustworthy and encouraging. With her support and guidance, she has given me the tools and strategies I need to make positive changes in my life and apply them daily. More than that, she has guided me to help myself create a better version of me. I am so grateful for Martha and cannot thank her enough for what she's done for me.

Marlene Rauti, King City, ON

It was during one of the scariest times most of us ever experienced, Covid-19, that I was introduced to Martha's work. From the first time that I listened to her, there was something in the calmness of her voice.  I started participating in her meditations and soon after enrolled in her Design Your Best Life Program. The program was followed by several wonderful women who were all searching for something... something to change us, make us better, evaluate what's important and what's not.  I can vouch that each one of us found something. When soul searching, deep within each one of us lay the answers. Martha was our teacher, our coach, and most importantly, the light during these dark times. I am forever grateful for this journey.

Giovanna Perciballi, Maple, ON

The guidance I received from Martha throughout my spiritual journey has been invaluable. You hold yourself accountable throughout the program and are never made to feel stuck or without direction. I also found that having her help to coach me through my own thoughts was motivating and gave me the encouragement to follow through. I continue to see her for mentoring even after the Life By Design program ended because I find it so helpful for my continued growth. I am truly grateful to have found Martha and to complete the program. Thank you a million times Martha! 

Stephany Garcia, Woodbridge, ON

Here's what you will experience in 4 months 

Get ready to Rise into the greatest version of yourself! In this Life-Transforming program you will: 

Heal and bust limiting beliefs that hold you back in life

Easily distinguish between a heck yes and a heck no - without confusion and second guessing yourself 

Forgive, heal and liberate yourself from the pain of the past

Wake up and go to sleep each night knowing and feeling you lived your day well

Establish a daily sacred practice that feels good for you

Spend your time doing what you love and spend time with people who feel like sunshine to your soul

Elevate your health and feel & look better than ever

Create the most incredible, beautiful, and fulfilled life of your dreams!

Learn how to truly love yourself and align your actions with this self-love

Leverage the law of attraction (vibration) and understand how to be a co-creator

Shift your mindset from lack to abundance

You Have Two Choices

Spend years trying to rise above your challenges in order to feel good about yourself and your life


Take 4 months to embody all that you want for yourself and your life!

Stop wasting your precious time and leap into the grandest and most elevated life your soul came here to live!

What's Included

21 easy-to-follow modules!

14 video lessons with accompanying workbooks

4 one-to-one private coaching calls with Martha (online via zoom)

3 one-to-one private healing sessions with Martha (In person or via zoom) 

4 guided meditations to keep

4 months of unlimited support with Martha on Voxer or WhatsApp

Total Value Included

+ Bonuses
Unlimited Voxer/WhatsApp support


Total Value With Bonuses

Your Sacred Investment:
$1888 [pay in full]
*receive a BONUS private coaching call with Martha


3 payments of $744

Working with Martha has been a life altering experience. She has opened my mind to accept and love the divine person that I am and has given me the strength to pursue my dreams. She is an extremely kind and warm hearted person who made me feel at home from day one. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their life and start their spiritual journey with an incredible mentor to guide them along the way.

Teresa Lazzaro, Maple, ON

Working with Martha as a life coach was one of the best decisions I made. Her energy and presence is calm, grounded and aligned with higher wisdom. I've learned so much from her teachings and apply them daily. I feel so much more empowered after working with her. She took the time to listen to my concerns and challenges with a compassionate and non-judgmental ear. Her guidance was always straightforward and applicable to my daily life. This helped me grow and see experiences from a different angle. We invest so much time and money into making our exterior selves look good. Why not extend that same energy to making our inner lives better? Hands down the best decision I made. I highly recommend working with Martha. Not only is she an inspiration, but she's kind, humble and doesn't pretend to be perfect which makes her someone truly admirable. She's easy to work with and will light your life in countless ways. You'll be so glad you invested in yourself. You deserve it. You are worthy of a better life. Go for it!

Anita Melnyk, Bradford, ON

I was referred to Martha by a dear friend and Martha came highly recommended.  Upon our meeting I felt she is a trustworthy individual who has passion for her work as Martha created a comfortable and safe place to be open and honest with ourselves throughout the journey.  

I learned so much about myself through the Design Your Best Life Program.  Martha offers insights, teachings, personal experiences and practical methods which encourages self-exploration.  This was an influential life experience which has taught me to look inwards at all areas of life (physical, spiritual, and emotional etc.). Some personal changes came from reassessing my values, intentions, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, expectations, boundaries, and forgiveness practices…this was quite a journey!  

Once again this was one of the best choices, I made for myself after all, you have one shot at life, make it the life worthy to live; your best life!   

Antonietta Miele, Woodbridge, ON

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