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Rise Into Your Greatness

A 4-month immersion into your greatness with Martha Eleftheriou

Beautiful woman! I see you struggling and sometimes asking the question "Is this all there is?"

Or maybe you find yourself asking "I have everything I've always wanted, then why do I feel so empty?"

Then along with these questions comes the guilt! You feel guilty for wondering about these things and you hear things like "You should be grateful for everything you have and not yearn for more." OR "You're being selfish!"

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I get it, because I was there too!

After the birth of my first daughter, I went through a transformation in almost all areas of my life!

I finally had everything I had ever wanted, and yet, I felt as if I was missing something. I felt alone and I felt like nobody really understood me. I felt guilty and wrong for feeling this way and I really wanted to feel Joyful, Grateful, and fully at Peace with myself and my Life. After years of searching, I finally found what I was missing. I can summarize what I discovered into TWO main points.


The first was myself! I had lost sight of who I was, my dreams and longings, my passion and my truth.

The second was my spiritual connection to my divine self and to the universe/source/God.

Then through years of self-enquiry and the healing process, I found myself and re-established my divine connection, and you can too!

Dearest Martha, With your guidance, support and sincerest compassion, I was able to shift my mindset from living in a world of lack, to living in a world of abundance. My focus has changed, and with it, everything I have ever wanted has manifested into reality. Although not all days are the same, I now have the tools and understand how to bring myself back to focus on what is truly important and what my true happiness is. Thank you from my whole heart! You have changed my life- you are my forever teacher, friend, and angel.

- Nicoletta Bisoukis Millis, King City, ON

If my story hit home for you, or you are reading this and feeling:

  • Like you are stuck in the same cycles over and over again and want to get off the hamster wheel and feel excited about life again

  • Like something is missing in your life, but you just don't know what

  • Your energy levels (and emotions) are up & down like a rollercoaster and you would love to feel more balanced

  • Your mind goes to the worst case scenario and you worry about everything

  • You are reactive to your loved ones because you feel burnt out and exhausted


Then you are in the right place…

  • Feeling whole and fulfilled with your life exactly how it is (and the energy to strive for your goals from a place of wholeness and gratitude).

  • Waking up and feeling excited to start your day (because you are living your dream life).

  • Feeling at peace and at ease with yourself, your life, your past and your future.

  • Looking at the person in the mirror and feeling so proud of her.

  • Imagine having the energy and enthusiasm to take on the day with more flow and grace.

Just Imagine

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I want to let you know this is all 100% doable for you!

I know this because I've been there and I've learned the methods and the specific tools that have helped me to liberate myself and live my life with purpose, joy, gratitude and abundance!

And I want to share these life-changing methods with you, because you deserve to feel happy my love. 

What took me years to discover, I can show you in a few months!

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