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9 Ways the Universe is Speaking to YOU!

In speaking with a variety of people, a question that often arises is how can you know if the universe has your back? How do you really know if any of your prayers, intentions and affirmations are actually being heard? While there are so many ways to know, I’ve listed nine of my favourite ways in this short article. Here are 9 sure signs that you’re on your way to manifesting your dreams and desires!


1.You begin seeing angel numbers such as 11, 111, 1111, 44, 444, etc. If you see these numbers repeatedly on your phone, in your car, or wherever you happen to be- take note!! Your desires are rapidly being manifest!

2. You experience greater “coincidences” in your life. You may be thinking about someone and then two minutes later, the person calls or texts you.

3. You begin to ask questions you’ve never really asked before such as: Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? How can I serve the planet? When you begin asking yourself these questions, the universe is basically telling you you’re ready to up your game and step into your light! You’re ready to finally do what you came to this planet to do!

4. You begin to get messages from the universe from unexpected places like a random song on the radio. Have you ever just turned on the radio and the particular song that was on was speaking to you? You think to yourself, this was written for me! This is what I needed to hear in this very moment! This is a sign that the universe has got your back!

5. You start to have random conversations with strangers whom you feel you’ve met before, or have a certain level of familiarity with. This sometimes happens to me at the grocery store, or if I’m waiting in line for a coffee at Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Just yesterday, I met a lovely couple in the Tim Horton’s line and I felt like I had known or met these people before.

6. People come into your life that seem to be on a similar wavelength/frequency. The way you meet these people seems completely random (it’s really not random) and suddenly you’re connected on a deeper level even though you’ve just met them a minute, day or month ago!

7. You begin to hear positive, loving and inspiring messages in your mind! These messages could happen when you are sleeping or even while you’re awake! Don’t ignore them! You’ll know they’re messages from the universe if they offer you new insights and understanding on how to increase the amount of joy, love and abundance in all of it’s forms in your life!

8. You begin to notice and see little things in a new light. You’ve put on your rose-coloured spiritual glasses and everything you once took for granted now seems different. You may be looking at the tree outside of your window, and suddenly you don’t just see the same old tree, but you now see a new tree glowing and radiating with life as it sways in the wind. You notice the wildlife and how this tree plays a part in their ecosystems.

9. You feel sudden and unexpected waves of gratitude fill your body, mind and soul. When you think about your life, you feel grateful to be alive and to have the people whom you love in your life!

There are countless other ways the Universe communicates with us; these are some of my favorites! What other ways have you experienced? Feel free to comment or send me an email! I would love to hear from you!!!

Much love,

Martha xo

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