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What's Going Well During These Times

I’m going through a serious love/hate experience in my life right now and this is honestly something I have never experienced before! Like many of you I miss my old life, my family, my friends, working with clients in person, meeting women at the coffee talks, seeing friends for lunch, going out for dinner with my husband, and taking my kids out to movies, museums or birthday parties.

But I got to thinking what I love about this time, and I could really go on about how much I dislike the homeschooling, not having any privacy other than during my morning practice when the kids are sleeping, experiencing anxiety, or barely being able to have a conversation with my husband BUT I’m not going to focus on that.

What I found when I started thinking about what is going well is quite remarkable. Here’s what I’m loving so much about this time in social isolation:

1) Simplicity:

Life has become so much simpler. I am not running around dropping off, picking up, driving from one class/appointment to the next, and I’m loving being at home! Me! The extrovert who always loved to be out and about doing things! Somehow, being at home, has offered me a glimpse of a much more peaceful life- a life I really like. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel more grounded and at peace. I truly love that there’s no place I have to get to by a certain time other than a different room in my home.

2) Kids Getting Closer:

I’ve seen my daughters who are almost 7 years apart getting along like never before (yes they still fight like crazy) but when they get along, it’s amazing because they are being more creative than ever, helping each other out, laughing together, and relying on one another for fun instead of mommy taking them out to do something. They’ve also started sleeping together (even if it’s an air mattress on the floor of MY room for comfort)

3) Physical Exercise:

While I’ve been working out regularly for a while now, I’m walking and biking outdoors more than ever! I don’t think my step count has ever been higher!

4) Fresh Air and Nature:

Getting outside daily in nature has been my medicine along with daily meditation. I’m grateful I’m getting outside more than I ever have.

5) Family Time:

As much as I miss missing my family (picking up my kids from school and from the bus stop is one of my favourite times of my day) now that I’m with them all day and every day, I feel as though I am closer to my kids. I’m seeing them shift, grow, and learn new things and ways to be daily. We have daily dance parties, walks and bike rides together, something that would happen much less often before.

6) Homemade Baked Goods:

Hello another banana bread! Well why not right? I love baking with my family and watching what everyone else is baking at home too ! And a big thank you to my family and friends who are dropping off baked goods on a regular! J

Overall, I feel like this time is about being rather than doing and this is what I believe, we are meant to focus on as divine beings having this extraordinary human experience.

What about you? What are you loving about these times? Please share below! Martha xo

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. " " " I actually love spending time with my family, the time being together.. I too miss being out and about and going places or on trips with my hubby and my son.. I too hope that one day at some point this is over... Its hard to believe that we must all isolate and cannot see the rest of our family... Checking in on them is ok but to me its not good enough cause i miss the smiling faces and the warm hugs... But i never give up on love... I always remind myself live, love, and laugh... We are here for a reason, and that reason is to love one another and be there fo…

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