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How To Make Your Dream Come True!

A few weeks ago, a childhood dream of mine came true when I went swimming in my very own backyard swimming pool!

It all began a few decades back, when I was ten years old in my friend Bonnie’s pool. One summer day, my friend asked me if I would like to go swimming in her pool. I asked my mother and she said yes as I was at an intermediate swimming level and could swim well on my own. I’ll never forget that day. We rode our bikes from my house to Bonnie’s house just on the other side of the block, dropped our bikes on her driveway, and ran into the backyard. Without hesitation, I jumped into her pool feeling the slimy and mossy bottom and edges with my feet and hands. The pool was old and clearly not very clean, but I didn’t care because I was free to jump, swim and play in the water in any which way I wanted! I was used to swimming lessons at the large community pool, but this experience was something different because I had, for the first time, just gone swimming in a private backyard pool. There were no rules, no certain number of laps to complete, or specific number of minutes for which to tread water. No one else I knew had a swimming pool in their backyard so going swimming in someone’s private pool really made a lasting impression on me. So much so, I promised myself that one day I would have a pool in my backyard and that there would not be any slimy water in my pool.

Well, the years and decades passed and a few weeks ago that dream came true. I jumped into the clean, blue water of my very own pool and when my feet touched the bottom, I didn’t feel any slime. I was free! You see, I’ve always had a love of water and swimming. Throughout the years, on every vacation, my happiest moments were those I spent swimming, by myself, way out in the deep, blue depths of the sea. When I’m immersed in water, I feel free and connected to my spirit.

As with any dream we long to manifest in our lives, I had to allow this dream to take form. By allow, I mean I had to learn how to visualize, and more importantly, feel into the feeling of having this dream come true. I saw and felt myself jumping into my own crystal clear swimming pool for many many years before it actually happened. Many people get stuck and feel like they cannot successfully attract or manifest their dream and that is because they are standing in their own way.

There are two key elements that must be in place for any dream to manifest in your life and those two elements are: 1) feeling worthy and 2) trust. Self-limiting beliefs are the biggest way we prevent our dreams from coming true. The biggest self-limiting belief that blocks abundance is the feeling of unworthiness which is tied to feeling un-loved. In order to really allow your dreams and desires to manifest themselves in your life, you must believe with every fiber of your being that you are worthy of this dream. If you do not feel worthy and deserving of your dream, you will never attract it. The spiritual Law of Attraction works with the vibrational frequency you are on, so whatever frequency you are vibrating on is what you will attract back into your life. This law works in every single area of life from health, happiness, love, fulfillment, wealth, peace and joy.

When working with manifesting your dreams, it is very important to remember that it’s never really about the thing, but, more importantly, the feeling associated with the thing. Why did I really want a pool? I loved the feeling of being free in the water because that feeling helps me to connect with my spirit. What’s the feeling that you long for when you think about your dream coming true? Is it freedom, joy, peace, love, happiness or fulfillment? By tapping into that feeling and focusing your mind daily on that feeling, you will manifest your dream into your reality.

You may not know when it will happen but it will happen! This is where the second key element comes into place. You must trust in divine timing! If you don’t have faith that it will come true for you, then it won’t. Whatever you believe in will manifest itself in your life. This is true for your dreams but also for your doubts and fears. If you allow doubt and fear to be the dominant feelings you hold within your heart, then the Law of Attraction will serve up more doubt and fear in your life. Now all humans have doubts and fears and it is not about completely eliminating every doubt, fear or negative thought you have because that is impossible. It’s about learning how to accept and navigate through these feelings, and learning how to bring your dominant thoughts and feelings into alignment with your dream!

Do you feel worthy of your dream? Do you trust your dream is being called into being at this very minute? If so, rest assured your dream is on its way! It may take days, months or even years, but it’s not your job to worry about divine timing. It’s your job to simply trust that it will happen when it’s meant to happen. I spent many years disabling my limiting beliefs and really learning how to truly love myself in a healthy and harmonious way. It’s not an easy process but your dream coming true makes it so very worth it. May you grant yourself permission to feel worthy of your dream! May you believe and trust that your dream is on its way!

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