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Invest In Yourself!

The most common question many of us ask before we are about to make a purchase is can I afford this? This question immediately brings to mind our financial situation and we then decide if there is enough money for the purchase or not. This question indeed helps with making decisions about how and when to spend money, but it doesn’t always serve our best and highest good when it comes to investing in ourselves. There’s a reframe of the question that asks, can you afford not to? and this question may put an entirely different spin on the outcome of the decision.

A couple of months ago, I watched a webinar about a digital course being offered online. I loved the content of the webinar and I watched until the very end to get the price for the online course the webinar was promoting. When I saw the number, I felt deflated. I heard the little voice in my head say, “you can’t afford that right now, you’ve got to do X, Y, Z with that money” and I resolved to not take the course. I went to sleep that night and woke up thinking about the course. I had really loved the content in the webinar and the course was offering to teach me something I have been wanting to do for the last three years: create an amazing online course. I spoke about it with my husband and his initial reaction was, “that’s a lot of money” but he ultimately supported me by leaving the decision up to me. Later than day, I signed up for the course. I felt exhilarated because I understood I had just said a big, massive yes to myself!

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because the question I asked which helped me make this decision much easier was can I afford not to? and the answer was no. I knew I had to take this course in order to meet my personal and professional goals! I also want to share with you that this course cost much more than I was comfortable spending because I did not have the money laying around for my own use. I had to figure out a way to find this money in order to invest in myself and my dream of launching an online course. Because this meant a lot to me and I really wanted to take the course, I found a way to pay for the course.

My friends, when it comes to your personal growth, your healing, your dreams and your goals, can you afford not to pursue them? Can you afford to stay exactly where you are in this moment with your life? If your answer is no, if you feel a longing and discontent within yourself and you want more, please invest in yourself!

How many times in your life have you stopped yourself from investing in yourself because of feeling like you cannot afford it? Or you felt guilty because you “should” be investing that money in your kids, your car, or in your house? What if you reversed the question and realized that you could not afford to not invest in yourself? Like the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way, and if you really want something, like I did with this online course, you can find the way to make it happen for yourself!

Our society promotes and accepts big spending on so many material items like handbags, shoes, clothing, and various personal aesthetic services, (I get it because I also spend money on these things too- although much less than I used to) and yet, so many women feel guilty to invest in their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing! We have to stop this. We have to make our health and wellbeing our number one priority!

Today, take some time to assess in what direction you would love to take your life. You may need to invest a larger sum of money in a course, coach, or therapist, or it may be starting out with reading a new book, regardless of the amount, get into the habit of asking yourself, can I afford not to? and notice how your decision making process will enable you to make good investment decisions into yourself. Your personal success and happiness is invaluable and truly immeasurable. Say yes to yourself! Let go of the guilt and I promise you, your future self will thank you!

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